Long day in the office, not very active and motionless lifestyle, stress- all are the factors to which human body is not adapted physiologically. Even more all of these can lead to some serious physical problems, such as pain in the back, neck and shoulders, headache and many other issues.
However wellness, therapeutical, healing or relaxing massage is a definite solution that our Specialists offer. These will be well trained and experienced in many countries such as Israel people, that will accurately choose your course, adapted to your personal needs.

Following are the range of wellness massages that we offer:
Massage for the issues with spine and joints
Frozen shoulder, back pain relief
Deep tissue massage
Relaxing massage after a long working day
Sports massage for the muscle and joints relaxation, as well as pain relief
Relaxation and revitalizing massage
Anti-cellulite massage

MASSAGE (60 min) 25,-
Package(classic, aroma, relax, cellulite) 115,-
Sports massage 27.-